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Chelsea - Friendly in Boston


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5 Dec 2017
Why oh why did Chelsea play a friendly in the USA just days after the EPL season ending? Now Loftus-Cheek will miss the Europa League final but more importantly the Nations League final. Great experience lost.

pure greed

and to recall that one of the reasons of the PL being created, was, apparently, the overpaid prima donas had too many games to play. So the number of teams in the top flight was reduced.

then the filthy lucre obsessed PL mainstay 'fit in' all manner of lucrative friendlies

And, why agree to play a full match on an artificial surface which are not renowned for being a forgiving surface esp' for anyone prone to picking up injuries?

devastating for Loftus-Cheek missing out on Europa League final , Nations cup comp and (at least?) half of next season
Chelski wont have any problem filling the first team shirt now vacated by Loftus- Cheek

the amount of players on thier (Chelski) books (currently) is on a par with the fictitious Night King's army of the dead, in G O T battle for winterfell episode numbers wise !

is it from the start of next season that the International football authorities are supposed to be adressing the likes of Chelski n co and the huge amounts of players theyve signed....most with no chance ever of making it into the first team ?
When I first saw the headline I thought this was our random pre-season friendly!
Don't worry they'll soon have the winter break to put their feet up as nobody will expect them to play these friendlies then will they ? :)

The draw for the 3rd round of The F.A.Cup will now involve 72 clubs as we've given extended "breaks" to the 20 permershi*e clubs
numbers for the 4th round will be confirmed once those 20 clubs have recovered from jet lag oops sorry we mean have reached suitable fitness after resting during the winter break. We hope the 5th round will take place before April and apologize to those 20 clubs for the inconvienience this may cause.:)
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