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Changes to Summer transfer window

Ox Mail reports the above ^ story

Not a good move in my opinion.
Better to have all your transfer business done before the start of the season-no surprises,settled squad.
It will still be a bad scramble at the end of the transfer window.
The only thing that may happen is that after the Championship transfer window is closed younger players may be able to go on loan in the rest of the window.
what a load of horse manure

All that does is have players/their agents delay things even further and create scenarios like chasing the likes of sam smith for a few more weeks.
Rotten idea. The window should shut before (preferably a week or two before) the season starts. Clubs have got months to sign players, and they all claim that they 'identify their targets' months before that. Delaying the deadline doesn't help (only talking about football here!).
Ridiculous. Why? Just turns the first month of the season into an extended set of pre-season friendlies.
Oh ffs, which tosspot suggested this, after such a simple, sensible step forward last season?
My money's on Shaun Harvey.

Or perhaps the Tigster reckons KR can sort recruitment given an extra month.
Can't we just go back to an open window all year other than from March until the end of the May?
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