Changes made by KR


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7 Dec 2017
In the past three games performances seem to have improved and if anything we have been a little unlucky to get just 4 points.

KRs results have overall not shown the managers bounce we would have hoped for. Three things have stood out to me with regard to changes he has clearly made however.

- No longer does an opposition corner or free kick lead to panic in the crowd. He seems to have got the defence organised enough to manage to look far more solid. This season our real archilles heel has been conceding shockingly bad goals time and time again.
- We suddenly look far more dangerous ourselves from corners. Dickie looks like scoring in every game and Mousinho missed two really good chances yesterday as well .
- The effort from the players in the past three games has been exceptional. Talk about leaving everything on the pitch.

Having improved the dead ball discipline, hopefully we have more chance of getting points in the rets of the games this season.
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