Championship relegation


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7 Dec 2017
Looks like next Sunday could be interesting, hopefully Cardiff smash the plastics and other results go the right way!
Can’t see it unfortunately, have a feeling they have enough points plus goal difference to stay up, annoyingly I reckon it will by very little though which makes the points they picked up from a little run not long back frustrating, as without those wins over sides with nothing to play for they would of gone.
Next season in the Championship you could have the crazy situation re terracing:-
WBA having being told they can't install safe-standing/rail seats and having to continue with all-seated stadium.
Shrewsbury, having been given the permission to install safe standing, have done so.
Burton have terracing on 3 sides, and 85% of capacity with no planning to do anything about.
Brentford, despite having been in the Championship for more than 3 years having old style terracing, (which probably is not 100% perfectly safe) behind both goals. I assume they have been given exemption for the year on the basis they are building a new ground, albeit progress is slow.
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