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7 Dec 2017
Domestic unbeaten run over ?
Hearts 4 Celtic 0
Thank god for that......they only got that record as it's such a poor league every year
You won`t win nothing with kids........... think Hearts fielded two 16 year olds!
I wonder if the Rodgers smug face has disappeared? Sorry Brendan, but spending the most money in a 2 team league is something most average managers can do and get by on.
Seems the SFA are happy for Celtic fans to wave a huge Palestinian flag at their game v Motherwell.
I’m fairly sure that the English FA banned Israeli and Palestinian flags, so was surprised that SFA didn’t do something similar.
The flag I am most pissed off at seeing is the white one OUFC keep waving when we take the lead, when will the football authorities do something about that.
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