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I thought McMahon was fooling dreadful tonight, so it will probably be Norman’s turn to play right back Saturday, to have tried 3 rbs and then started through them again by the beginning of October is something special.


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I thought Luke Garbage and McMuckup were both bloody awful.
They were.

Left back is a real problem as Garbutt is the only recognised one we have, but I think even Ruffels is better there.

The constant changing of right back is just weird. I thought Long had a good game last Tuesday and would have kept him in. Norman is better than Mcmahon.

So KR's team has no decent full backs, no decent striker, no decent back up keeper, centre backs that are constantly being swapped. No midfield creativity and injury prone players. The only decent players are those playing just off the forward. It's a very disjointed and not a great squad that he has put together... no wonder they keep making errors!
And the even more worrying bit is that the foul McMahon gave away at the end is exactly the type of foul Norman did on a regular basis so defensively we’re doomed with both right (and left) full backs


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Good article in the Mirror before the Man City game...non-league to playing against Silva etc...dream come true...meteoric rise.
Not played a minute since...

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Norman went off injured for the U23s last night.
It didn't look bad. He got an arm to the face so most of it was precautionary I think. He was stood behind us for the second half and said he was fine. He was also giving words of advice and geeing up the younger players which was good to see. Raglan was the same and played well and organised the defence well.

It was a good game and we looked organised with some bright sparks coming through.

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