Transfer News Cameron Norman signs for OUFC

22 years old, attacking wing back (right). He played at Kings Lynn in the Southern Premier last year after leaving Norwich. We were one of many clubs after him.
That footballing giant King’s Lynn Town - wow! On first impression i’d Have thought one for the new under 23 team but the lad says he’s going straight into the first team....
Wonder if we are after/still after Kane and Norman becomes an U23/back up for him?

Anyway good luck to the lad, big step up from Southern Premier but Robinson has been around long enough to know a decent player.
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The pedigree at Norwich is good. Obviously the step up is a massive one for him.

Having others tracking him too suggests he isn’t just a young player playing in a successful side further down the divisions.

Could be interesting.

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Welcome Cameron. If you work half as hard as the one that's just left, you'll do just fine!


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Looks like a good prospect. You wouldn't think both Norman and Kane would settle for a place on the bench so it looks like he will be our RB for the season and Kane will not be coming back.
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