Brighton sack manager & assistants

Bonkers. He gets them to the Prem, keeps them up for two seasons and then they sack him. As Leysboy says what exactly are they expecting?
I think Brighton have stagnated a little so from my perspective probably the right decision. They lacked a cutting edge. Should be money to spend for the new manager.
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It looks like the club is going through a re-organisation with Dan Ashworth coming in, so while I'd assumed Hughton was safe, it's not that much of a shock. I guess the lack of goals really did for him,
Also, but for Cardiff screwing up at Fulham, Brighton would have been relegated and the way football is now, I'm not surprised in the least.
Have to say I was mightily impressed with the set up when I visited for a game a year or so ago; I was less surprised by this turn of events. They are clearly a club on the up built on an excellent base and have aspirations accordingly. Hughton has been an excellent manager, but there were signs last year of the team running out of steam defending desperately to hold onto their place - good luck to them and to Hughton who has built a decent CV for himself.
Charlton were a side similar to Brighton. They got rid of Curbishly and dropped like a stone.
It's a decision that can't only be reviewed once Brighton get underway for next season. If his successor has them mid-table by the end of the 2019-20 season or goes even better than that, it can't be viewed as a wrong decision. A great case in point would be with Southampton a few seasons back. Out went the popular Nigel Adkins and there was fan uproar. I didn't hear too many Saints fans complaining when his successor Mauricio Pochettino led them to 8th in his first full season.

Fans do tend to react emotively to sackings of this nature. It's better to wait and see rather than condemn the Brighton board for pulling the trigger. They've made their choice and they'll be judged on whoever them bring in to replace Hughton and rightly so.

What Brighton did do right was stick with Hughton until the end of the season to keep them up. If they wanted to get rid, the day after the season finishes is the time to do it.
This is football unfortunately.

2nd half of the season has been instrumental in this decision (3 wins from 23) and quite a slide.

Wonder how many on here would be quite so sympathetic if it was us on that run of form ??
The chances of them finding another Poch, as Saints did, are slim. With the restructuring behind the scenes perhaps they do have a chance of progressing, but I see them going the way of Charlton.
Charlton were a side similar to Brighton. They got rid of Curbishly and dropped like a stone.
Did they “get rid of him”? I recollect him not signing a new contract and then going to West Ham. I’m getting old so may be wrong.
Richard Freeman probably had a big part to play in Bolton's success, judging by recent developments and Big Sam's character.
There are likely around 11 managers who are told the target is stay in the league as it's all about the cash...

We now have a top league where finishing 4th is considered ok, A champions league set up that is not for champions only and where you you can still benefit by finishing 3rd in your qualifying group and go into the Europa League.

Yet we have the likes of Brighton sacking their manager when they didn't fail

it's also worth noting that Manure were as close to relegation as they were to Man city

Still as long as the cash keeps rolling in !!!!!!!!
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