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General Bradbury& Little farmed out


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6 Dec 2017
Both back at Woking till the season end....announced on Rad ox earlier
Absolute idiocy with no replacements. If Mackie gets injured we are screwed.
Little doesn't play upfront.
Spasov appears to be higher in the pecking order.
There must be 1/2 strikers coming in.
Both are cup tied and couldn't play tomorrow.
Sykes in, Graham in, Napa back and bringing in two forwards (all being well) - I don’t see either of them featuring. Get good experience out on loan and push for the first team next season, look at Baptise. He benefitted hugely from a similar loan last season.

This is good news not bad.
Bradbury follows him on shortly after, Little will get 30 minutes Bradbury will get 21 minutes plus added time.
Do feel Bradbury should've been on the bench yesterday he is that target man striker Robinson said he wants. We could then commit a higher wage on a more experienced goal scorer...
Both he and Little are cup-tied (already played for Woking in earlier rounds), so couldn't have been on the bench for us yesterday...
I know about Little, wasn't aware on Bradbury thought he only played once for them if im honest...
Ah okay i knew about the hattrick but thought it was a league game. must say in the 20 minutes he's been on he's done alright. Few nice touches and got involved in the game. Should've buried that header though...
Yes. That's for sure..it is a bit difficult to judge them since their team mates are noticeably a different
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