Blackpool saturday


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6 Dec 2017
Sorry mate our tour of the north west is underway. Why make the team suffer, from lack of support?
Why don't Fans support the team by attending the game, and show support for what the ultras achieved by bringing flags of any form and display them upside down.
Tbh I think it won’t make much difference if we were to protest our glorious owner and board don’t give a toss about the fans, Blackpool was a possibility for 3 of us with a few beers thrown in for good measure but with our daughter having broken her foot and not being able to weight bear she needs our help, with that at least I haven’t got to make up a feeble excuse as to not to go.
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8 Dec 2017
Still looking forward to this, not tea for the football though. How many do people think we will take, 700 or 800 I reckon.

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