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16 Dec 2017
I guess you have to weigh up what is more important for a club in football. Staying in a league that your team is struggling to compete in and accept that your team is not good enough and allow the unthinkable relegation to happen, Or bring in someone who can save you by playing dour football and grinding out results.
Its a bitter pill to swallow, but staying up and all the financial benefits associated with that looms large over any football purists dreams.
We don’t know, but perhaps big Sam was installed on the understanding that he would get a big pay off if he kept em up.
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13 Dec 2017
Had the game on Saturday afternoon gone the other way, the contrast between the club that Sam kept up a couple of years ago (Sunderland), and the two that went down instead (Newcastle and Villa) would have been even greater than it already is - in other words, would they have been better off going down then, instead of clinging on for another year and then plummetting?
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