didn't their fans used to sing (about their team) "it's just like watching Brazil" ..... with their new owner will that be changing to " it's just like watching Bejing"? ...... or perhaps they'll adopt the old Goons (ask ya great grandad kids!) Ying Tong song? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

What a wasted opportunity when you think of things like global name recognition, size of catchment area, proximity to other clubs, etc. Still, they did win some poxy cup thing.
Does make you wonder how Barnsley can attract a suitable offer from a billionaire and we, with our internationally renowned brand ‘Oxford’, can’t..... :unsure:
The old Barnsley owner is terminally ill; I am surprised that Billy Beane is part of the consortium though. I don't think anyone can mistake Oakland for Barnsley though...
Without a stadium as capital or a clear act of support from the council(s) what right minded business person or group would consider OUFC as an opportunity? People keep referring to Jack Hayward like people who will buy Oxford and splash out tens of millions because of their love for the team but I look around and don’t see that person. I may be wrong but as far as I am aware neither Jim Rosenthal or Timmy Mallet have the bank balance.
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