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7 Dec 2017
DID anybody watch Spurs v Barcelona?

Barcelona were superb. And as for Messi. What a pleasure to watch. He has hit the post twice and scored a brilliant team goal then scored again at the end.

Messi was the star and none of the Ronaldo posturing and Neymar diving and cheating. Just a great great footballer who gets up when fouled and generally gets on with it. He also seems to be playing in a deeper role and his passing is incredible.
An extraordinary performance.
Messi is the best player I have ever seen, started watching football in the mid eighties so can’t claim before that but he has overtaken Maradona for me.

The sort of player who only comes around once really as you are not certain how he is so good but I suppose it’s a mix of skill, balance, brains, athleticism at such a high level.

Baffles me why he doesn’t want to take a massive pay cut and come and play just off Obika though.
Cristiano for me just because he has proved it in Portugal, Spain and England. Ronaldo has also dragged his country along single handily at times. Messi still hasn't managed to do it for Argentina IMO.

The debate will go on for years and years though just like it has with Pele and Maradona.
James Constable?! Very hard to choose the greatest of all time, but most entertaining will always be Ronaldinho for me.
In my time the best players who produce the goods regularly that I've been lucky enough to see play live are Pele, George Best, Eric Cantona, Paul Gascoine, and Cristiano Ronaldo

three of whom I've seen play against my team, OUFC!
Saw Barca play Las Palmas in 2017........ Neymar hat trick, Messi bossed it.......... best £20 I`ve ever spent they were different class.
Can remember Gascoine shredding us in the FA Cup at the Lane but he was too erratic IMHO.
Ronaldo sadly has en ego bigger than the planet!

Messi for me has quality & class as well as being a genuine sportsman. Doubt we will see better.
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