Ban the Brass

First two minutes of the England Vs Costa Rica I was thinking "at last, an England game without the tests with trumpets nullifying any atmosphere". Then they piped up. SHUT THE F**K UP.

In the time it's taken me to drunkenly type that!: Fair play to the Yorkshire folk, they are certainly less sheep-like than the Wembley counterparts.

Gary Baldi

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I cannot stand them. It was good for a short time, now they are just embarrassing and add nothing to the overall game experience. I don't know anyone that thinks they bring anything. A mate of mine used to go to England games a lot and his comments about the band are unpublishable.


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The whole game experience would be a lot better if they had real brasses there! Imagine that, included in your price of the ticket 😜


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As it was Elland road last night the 'England supporters Band ' , from Sheffield, were always gonna be there, playing at home (in Yorkshire)

loads of Leeds utd songs sung during last nights England match

surprisingly this Yorkshire anthem wasnt given an airing or two though o_O:rolleyes::D

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