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Ex Player another young gun offloaded ....


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6 Dec 2017
midfielder James Cowan ...... OWS info ....
Why young gun? Article makes it clear he's not going to offered terms? Deliberately antagonistic
Funny. I took the phrase as s standard reference to a young sport wannabe. I suppose you can find offence in most places if you want to.
Young gun suggest a prospect or star as in 'Gun' Cricketer
or alternatively, a young 'un who as a person looking to have a career in sport is / percieved to be a bit of a potential 'sharp shooter' (at some point) and is seen, by some, as a young gun, perhaps? :unsure:

in common use in the UK , the term young gun , applied to young professional/ aspiring to be professional footballers ..... below,links to a trio of many examples

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