Announcement at 4pm today (15/5/18)


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Interesting penultimate quote of the Oxford mail article.

" Not many agents who are trying to bring players in believed me that I’d be able to keep hold of Easty."

Hopefully Eastwood helps attract better players now then.
That is truly excellent news! The best keeper in L1 will hopefully be with us to become one of the best in the Championship.

I am hoping that KR has let Easty into his plans and that has clinched the deal...


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Brilliant news. Makes an unbelievable difference to have a keeper who not only wins us points by making vital saves, but also adds confidence to the whole defence and team.

Dave T

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Fantastic news, to think he nearly went in January to Blackburn or Celtic.
To think that a guy who knows that’s the type of club interested in him, and the sort of wages he could possibly get there is happy to sign a 3 year deal to stay, says a lot about him, and also about kr and his vision and ambition


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Also, notice that the photo on the official website for the article has a big logo for Singha. Are they actually going to announce this partnership at some point?

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