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Anindya Bakrie


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8 Dec 2017
It has been picked up by Oxbible that some Eastern news media are reporting Anindya Bakrie as coming on the board along with Thohir. There is quite a bit of chatter over last 24 hours, encouraged by a photo of him holding a yellow shirt.
He looks to have good business acumen - restructured family business to sort out debt and cash flow issues. Experience is focused in media, specifically TV.
This is a few years out of date but gives some background. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbes...a-media-powerhouse-in-indonesia/#2042598721e2
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I don’t have a problem with the whole sugar daddy thing. If people want to come here and spend vast amounts of wealth in to a football club, then frankly good luck to them. It’s not an easy thing to achieve at any level of football.

All we can do as fans, is hope it works, and go along for the ride, and hopefully an enjoyable one.
Good point.
But I asked the same question when Madjeski took on Reading, and why would Tony Bloom want to pump millions into Brighton.
Yeah there’s growth potential, decent club with solid if modest fan base in rich area near London. But it’s notvgoing to be quick or easy! I’d be delighted if we could grow like Reading or Brentford, and obvs Brighton and Bournemouth
*inserts Dr Evil image*

It all seems a bit surreal at the moment. If the new chap joins the board, then we'd have two billionaires hanging around the boardroom... Two fricken billionaires.

Some of those Thai and Indonesian articles (whilst in broken English when translated) seem to suggest the new guys have actually purchased the club.

All in all, as others have said - I'd absolutely love it if we have the kind of long term sustainable investment that could allow us to emulate Brighton or Bournemouth.
Photos have Tiger in them. If it is a buyout, I think he'll still be chairman. All very odd. Exciting though.
Good point.
But I asked the same question when Madjeski took on Reading, and why would Tony Bloom want to pump millions into Brighton.

Life long fans of their respective clubs who did good in business? We seem to blessed that so many seem to be coming out of the woodwork! And who knew that OUFC was had such a fanbase already in the SE Asia region!
I suspect this is a case of ‘fake news’. He’s possibly going to be involved in some way along with Thohir but I would think the take over part is way wide of the mark. All this just highlights the amount of false rumours that get peddled around by international news outlets. One person leaks a news story that’s wide of the mark and the whole thing just snowballs.

IF there is any truth to it, I’d be surprised that Tiger is in the photos with them. If he’s sold to them why would he still be involved? Unless it was always the plan that he’d be the front/chairman but others would provide the money. These new rumours if true could maybe explain the missed HMRC payments I suppose..

Lots of questions. I hope we as the clubs fans get some answers to it all soon. Do Oxvox know anything? I won’t hold my breath waiting for the intrepid news hounds at the OM to do any proper investigative journalism..
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I suspect some of the loss in translation is Google translate on the articles not doing a fantastic job. One of those where we need to wait and see what actually happens, but suffice to say it could be encouraging.
Well he certainly enjoys a photobomb if nothing else.

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