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Andy James aka Womble.

Sad news. Travelling up and down the country and not seeing him at every game will be strange

We knew it was coming but devastating news nevertheless. I'm lost for words.
Sad to hear......!
He has probably attended more Oxford United games than anyone else over the past decades. A true fan, he will definitely be missed...
RIP Womble...
One if not the best ref at Sunday league level back in the good old days. RIP Andy
So sorry to hear this sad news. A true Yellow through thick and thin. I shall miss our chats Andy at away matches; always cheerful and always something interesting to say about the game and the club. My thoughts are with your nearest and dearest.
Over 40 years I've known Womble, such a sad day, Glad he made it to Rangers pre season, had a drink and short chat with him there. Didn't miss many games. RIP Andy
RIP Womble.
Over 2600 games attended according to his Groundhopper account.
Remember Andy from the pre-match beer at the Supporters Club at the Manor and countless sightings at grounds across the country. RIP.
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