Local News A420- most dangerous road in SE


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6 Dec 2017
.... so that's why the 6 fingered sister shaggers never turn up?:unsure:

Today's Oxford Mail leads with A420 most dangerous road in South East

Cut n pasting the link isn't happening!

Campaigners want it to become ALL dual carriageway
I don't think it can be classed as being in the South East can it?

Certainly not their end of it, that's South West surely?
Well the A420 being dangerous, who would have guessed?! It is on a par with 'do Bears defecate in the woods?'.
I can vouch for how dangerous that road is. I drove down it last month and ended up in some post-apocalyptic dystopia where the locals have extra limbs and digits. I only found one that could talk and once he had stopped trying to rake the reflection of the moon out of a pond, he told me the place was called 'Swindon'.
Dual carriageway through Swindon might work with a 100mph speed limit. Nice to think too that you can enter Birmingham and be out within half an hour
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