Local News A420- most dangerous road in SE


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.... so that's why the 6 fingered sister shaggers never turn up?:unsure:

Today's Oxford Mail leads with A420 most dangerous road in South East

Cut n pasting the link isn't happening!

Campaigners want it to become ALL dual carriageway

Colin B

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I don't think it can be classed as being in the South East can it?

Certainly not their end of it, that's South West surely?

Jack Midson

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I can vouch for how dangerous that road is. I drove down it last month and ended up in some post-apocalyptic dystopia where the locals have extra limbs and digits. I only found one that could talk and once he had stopped trying to rake the reflection of the moon out of a pond, he told me the place was called 'Swindon'.


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Dual carriageway through Swindon might work with a 100mph speed limit. Nice to think too that you can enter Birmingham and be out within half an hour
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