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A new confidence


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24 Dec 2017
I feel a great deal more confident now Thomas has come out and told us that he and the other players now know they are in a relegation battle !!!
If this is the case then where the hell have they been the last couple of months and have they been banned from watching telly or reading papers ? Even our Radio Oxford Sports presenters switched on to this. (okay only recently, they were still promoting the play-offs !!)
Anyway now we are all in the same boat ( sprung a leak but still floating) I expect to see an honest 100% effort on Saturday and don't intend leaving my seat without the 3 points. (let's hope I'm not still there until Tuesday !!)
I thought it was a strange thing to say considering we’ve been lousy for months, but like you, if it means he pulls his finger out till the end of the season I’ll be happy with that.
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