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Away Match Day Thread +++ 6/10/18 Southend United v OUFC +++

It says something when it’s 1pm before we get a match day thread!
Another 2-1 ... this time the Us on the right end of a 2-1 .... and a rarer than hens teeth 3pt haul at Sarfend
As I have to miss this one due to illness in the family and having to drive up to Derby, we will probably go and win, be nice if we did.

Come on you Yellows!!
Robinson, Derry, Faz and Allen sat in the manager's office:
KR: Right players, have you all got your bingo cards ready?
All: Yes boss!
KR: OK, eyes down. *rummages in velvet bag* At right back tomorrow? Mr Cameron Noooorman!
Derry *sotto voce*: Damn it, wasn't he supposed to be out of favour?
KR: *rummages in velvet bag* At centre back and captain for the day, Mr John Mousiiiiinho!
Allen: Wait he's captain?
KR: NO FURTHER QUESTIONS ON THE CAPTAINCY! *rummages in velvet bag* At left back. Mr Josh Ruffffels!
Faz: But Garbutt is getting some semblance of form together!
KR: *rummages in velvet bag* Up front in his favoured position...Mr Lightning himself Jon Obiiiika!
Derry *sigh*
KR: Right, that's the team...make it play well guys!
Derry: Err, boss. We don't have a complete scapegoat being left out of the team.
KR: True, almost forgot! *rummages in velvet bag* Mr Curtis Nellllson!
Faz: Not Hanson? Weird.
KR: Hanson's on the bench. I'll bring him on if we're looking too defensively sound.
Tiger (listening from Thailand via bug placed in the office): Excellent work, Tiger, super appointment.

PS. I think it'll be a storming 0-0 tomorrow.
I have no faith whatsoever in a win for us. When the comic clown has left the circus I will retake my seat. (hope we win though!!!!)
Norman Dickie Nelson Garbutt
Henry Brannagan Ruffels Whyte
Mackie Smith

Far from ideal but doubt Holmes will start, would drop Hanson or Garbutt for Ruffels.
0-1, Smith '45+1. COYY
Oxford being Oxford I think we might just go and win this one tomorrow. This will lead to an extremely quiet week on he forum as fans wont know whether to be happy that we won or sad that it could be a turn around in form that leads to Robinson keeping his job.

I hope it's the latter.

As for the team:

McMahon, Nelson, Moushino, Garbutt
Hanson, Ruffles
Holmes, Henry, Carruthers

Subs: Mitchell, Long, Norman, Dickie, Holmes, Smith, Obika,
Just seen a lampost advert for a missing tortoise, hope he's not in our squad again tomorrow. I'll call the number given and try and get him recovered.
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