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Ref Watch 31/08/2019 OUFC V Coventry City Graham Salisbury

How did todays referee fare

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6 Dec 2017
Though todays ref has had his moments in previous OUFC matches (sent Beano off V Sw*nd*n) ... in the main he was, today,okayish , but, his linesman/ assistant, in front of away fans, was outrageously wrong with that late throw in decision that they got there 3rd goal from!

4th official sounded like a prize t**t (according to KR on Rad Ox )
Agreed, overall he was ok.

Disappointed him or any of the other officials didn't spot and pull up/book the blatant cheating by the Coventry no.6 for twice trying to get Oxford players sent off in less than a minute.

On the throw in, it may have been wrong but a number of our players switched off for it and this wasn't the 1st time in the game.
They also missed Coventry player moving the ball 2ft for the free kick that lead to first goal
A mark of 1 is very generous. He missed so much in that game, from the shove on Woodburn in the box to the shove on Fosu too. And the tug on Woodburn after he hit the post that opened it up for them. Let their 6 try and Mackie sent off, was annoyingly inconsistent in what fouls he did and didn't give. If he had been more consistent, I would not still be so angry. The officials set them up for 2 goals today.

The throw in for the 3rd. It epitomised how bad they were as a group. An easy decision they got wrong
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