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Home Match Day Thread +++ 28/9/2019 L1 OUFC v Gillingham +++

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5 Dec 2017
So everybody is happy at the moment. Guess I'll try my luck again.
We are playing fantastic football at the moment and I hope we can keep that up against the Gills
They will be very wary and probably play very defensively with something like 4-4-1-1 to try and frustrate us.
But I have a glass that is almost full at the moment so I'm going for a rather difficult win. 2-0 for the mighty Yellows.
Scorers? No Idea. Every player has got a goal in him at the moment and I don't really care. Just win.
In times past this would most definitely be a case of After the Lord Mayor's Show. Let's hope it is not tomorrow. I'm going for a very hard fought 2-1 win - Brannagan and Henry the scorers.
definitely winnable but we are oxford.
KR gets the right combination and reckon 2-1 but a draw wouldn’t be too bad, would it?
frustrating game, late, late winner from Ruffles 1-0 home win
I never bookmark your posts, master: can't think why.

Anyway, why are you being a killjoy? We'll break them down on the hour and score another couple - that's 3.
Cadden Dickie Mous Ruffels
Gorrin Brannagan
Sykes Henry Fosu

1-0, Taylor
I feel we'll concede, but that the exploits of the past week will give us a bit of a bounce. 1-1 or 2-1 to us.
Fat Evans will have seen us against Lincoln and West Ham and will have one aim...stop us. I expect them to target the play dictators and sh*thouse around the likes of Gorrin, Bran and Fosu...I too expect them to be a solid unit catching us on the counter.

Still....we have been playing some propper impressive stuff and no one has scored more than us.


Cadden Dickie Mous Ruffels
Brannagan Gorrin Baptiste
Henry Taylor Fosu

SUBS: Agyei, Mackie, Sykes, Forde, Woodburn, Long, Stevens
Such a difficult choice to leave out Long and Sykes, but having only a couple of days rest after Wednesday, seems the sensible thing to do, plus Moore has only just come back from injury, so rest him.

Henry, Cadden and Mous have had a weeks rest, and deserve their places back after last weekend, and I feel Baptiste deserves to start again, give him 60mins, by which time, hopefully the game will be safe!

Gillingham will feel they’ve got no choice but to park the bus, but I still feel the way we’re playing at the moment, we’ll have enough to break them down.

Home win.

If they don`t park the bus we could tear them a new one.
However it is the King of Anti-Football in charge of them, so expect a dull turgid 90 minutes with as much "gamesmanship" as is possible, punctuated by flashes of genius as we win 2-0.
Steve Evans previews the match:

Can’t be just me that thinks Gillingham’s manager would look less out of place standing at the oche, throwing against Bobby George in a close deciding leg..?

Only thing is - I’m not sure that PDC would tolerate Steve “The Fat C***” Evans on the back of his shirt, however apt a nickname.
I have no strong feelings about Gillingham (apart from that monstrosity of an away 'stand' and the price they charge to perch on it) but any team run by that odious little man is one that I particularly want us to beat.

I'd go for:

Long Dickie Moore Ruffels
Cadden Baptiste Brannagan Fosu

Bench: Stevens, Mousinho, Sykes, Mackie, Henry, Forde, Agyei​

I won't be there on Saturday - it's my 30th wedding anniversary, and I'd quite like to get it to 31! - but for that reason:

A 3-0 win!
Obviously we’ve had the six nil win and a four nil so it’s got to be a five nil win, scorers anyone from one to fourteen the attendance will be down can’t see gills bring that many?
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