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8 Dec 2017
So not much enthusiasm for a MDT it seems, me neither but better have one. Gonna be cold wet and windy so anything can happen in the wind tunnel. Ill be loyal and go for a 1-0 home win.
I’m really struggling to call this one. Will the team’s brittle confidence be in pieces after Saturdays setback or will the boys rally with the help of a churchillian speech from Robinson, and get back on track with a victory?

Meh.. I’m going for a 0-0...
Scrappy game cold n windy at the breeze block, 2-1 home win
Our home form is better although we haven’t drawn at home or won away. I reckon fourth home win in a row, and convincing too...4-0
A must win, to get further away from the relegation zone, playing a team at home that sits near us in the league and to get Saturdays calamity out of the way, mentally.
Well I’m driving up from Cornwall in what looks like awful weather so got to be optimistic to motivate myself - I’m going for 3-0 win
Rushing from West Ken to make this and hope for a 3.1 win for the U's!
The last match just a blip? Or have we returned to the 'real' United? Tonight we find out.
An important game after Saturday. If we score in the first 20 minutes we will take at least a point, if we don't we will lose.

I think I'll put my thermals on!
An important game after Saturday. If we score in the first 20 minutes we will take at least a point, if we don't we will lose.

I think I'll put my thermals on!
Double layers of thermals needed at the breeze block tonight...waterproofs too ....cold , wet & blustery weather forcasted
2 - 1 either way on a cold, wet & blustery evening.
Attendance just about 5400.
I'm going for an optimistic 1-0, walking boots, longjohns, 3 t-shirts and the announcement will say just over 6,100.
A 2-0 win on a mild night in front of 6,313 fans, 103 of those from Rochdale, goals from Henry and Browne.
Nile Ranger sneaks on dressed in tights, gloves, scarf, wig and flat cap as a disguise to score a last-minute equaliser, unfortunately it's an OG
Difficult one to call this. Had the Bradford game not happened on Saturday, I'd be reasonably confident. Unfortunately, there were shades of the team that threw away so many early season points visible on Saturday. Has that awful play returned or was it just a blip?

You do have to go back to 2004 to find the last Rochdale win in Oxford so it's not a happy hunting ground for Keith Hill. However, it's a cold, wet, miserable Tuesday which could be a great leveller.

Fingers crossed.
This is an important game to make sure we get something from, preferably all three points, but a point is not to be sniffed at, as it maintains the momentum we have built up over the last few weeks, and avoids the pressure of a losing run building up. Keeping things ticking over with draws is not a bad place to be in in the grand scheme of things, as it keeps the pressure on others around us to at least match that, which not all below us are doing, and it even drags in some of those above into the mix as well.

Saying that, the other worry is that our next three games are against teams in the top 8, so our expectations from those will inevitably have to be lower, so we will have to be satisfied with anything more than three points across those three games - maybe call it six from the next four as a reasonable target?
A point would be a poor result, considering we are at home and Rochdale are close to us in the league. Saying a point is not to be sniffed at is the kind of comment I can hear kr coming out with, in anticipation of a display as bad as Saturdays.
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