Ref Watch 27/08/2019 OUFC V Millwall (LC) Craig Ward

How did yesterdays referee fare

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6 Dec 2017
I'll give last nights referee a mark of 4 ... he was inconsistent with his bookings, appeared blind to shirt pulling (by Millwall players), and handballs- atrocious refereeeing display in 1st half

yet in the 2nd half , late on, made a couple of calls that turned the game in OUFC favour
Another incompetent. He did seem to be very much 'for' the Champ side in the first half - missing fouls and shirt pulling at the fence end that the East Stand could see clearly, so how on earth he could miss them I don't know! And of course there was the usual 'player falls over, it's automatically a free kick' malarkey, identical fouls being punished differently, free kicks allowed to be taken quickly one time and not the next etc. The incident that amused me the most was when one of our players was in between two of theirs - he was pushed by one of them into the other and it was a free kick to them, comedy gold. How on earth he awarded that penalty to us, I will never know. It simply wasn't one, although of course I am glad he saw it that way...
A 3 - and that's generous.
Far too easily conned into giving free kicks but the most serious error was in missing the blatant penalty just before half time. The extended highlights show it clearly, the SSU saw it clearly, how the ref missed Baptiste being spun round and dragged to the ground by his shirt is a mystery.
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