+++ 26/12/2017 Gillingham v OUFC match day thread +++


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Let's (try to) forget about Saturday. I am really interested to see how the team bounce back.

1-1 will be the result. After Saturday, I think that could be considered a positive result!


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A win is needed.

Any win to flush away the monumental bowel movement that was Saturdays game.

Gills are fairly awful this year. Let’s make sure that they remain worse than us - although that’s harder than it appears nowadays.
2-0 to them, I can’t see us turning it round after getting massacred just a couple of days ago. Hopefully they are slow team with low workrate though, then we might get something.


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There need to be changes, of the calibre of Ledson and Carroll in.

I do hope a start for Gino isn’t considered as a ground breaking inclusion by Pep.


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2 up front, Rothwell to start, Xemi benched. And the team must be fired up from the off. Lose this and it's taxi for Clotet.


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Got 0-0 written all over it. Leaving many undecided whether to laugh or cry, but maybe clot will decide that he will give the players chance to put things right - and fields the same team!! o_O

Personally, whatever the result it will not erase the shocking display and result against Wigan, that, will take many years.
Could go either way today. On paper we're obviously the better team on paper but I can't imagine what our morale is like. I think Pep has the opportunity to show his worth over the next couple of matches. If he can turn the team round after Saturday he has a future. If not...

Hope you all had a great Christmas despite the football !


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After Saturday I would expect a resolute performance today and hope we start with ledson and Ruffels together to make our midfield competitive and not so porous.
I think Gillingham have picked up a bit lately so I think a draw would be acceptable.
But before a ball has been kicked I always say we will win so 1-0 to the u’s for me.


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I wouldn't make wholesale changes line-up wise...that's just a sign of panic. But please to God be more astute with the tactics.
Single goal either way...hopefully for us (Wes).


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Never predicted us to lose before and don't plan to now:
Carroll Mous Williamson Ricardinho
Ledson Ruffels
Henry Payne Rothwell
1-2 to us, with Rothwell and Wes getting the goals. COYY
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