+++ 26/01/2019 Accrington Stanley v Oxford +++

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Not started one of these for years. My fifth match of the season. Based on the last two matches, no idea what the score might be!
risking a woosh here..... you do know tomorrows scheduled league game v Accrington Stanley has been postponed until Feb 19th due to 'Stanley being in round 4 of FACup and OUFC were knocked out in the 3rd round so we don't have a game @Pete Burrett ?
Mmmmmm can't see this going to many pages, nice to know we're all keeping up
Oxford not much less likely to score tomorrow than on other Saturdays then.
We have scored 8 more than Blackpool who are 9th in the league.
What would you be saying if you supported them about goals scored?
I predict that I will finish applying the woodstain to my new garden gate. Blood hell, some people think a winter break is a good idea!
I'm working this weekend and rely on the textfeed/match day thread to get me through the day - now what am I going to do??
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