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6 Dec 2017
Well the time is here for our lads to put themselves up against some of the best players in the game. I can’t see us getting much less than a real caning if I’m honest as I think Man City will play a mixture of fringe and first team regulars. Expect to see Vincent Kompany and John Stones etc along with maybe Delph and Mahrez. I hope the yellows out in a good shift and hopefully take something positive from the game. Anyway plenty of money for the club. COYY
1-1 draw. Is it straight to penalty’s now without extra time?
Let's see. We are playing a side packed with internationals no matter who they play. We on the other hand have a defence that cannot defend, midfielders who cannot create or score, and forwards (sorry, forward) who cannot hold up the ball or score. And you hope for a 1-1 draw?

Oh how I wish you were right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
Got a feeling come May we’ll be looking back at our season in two parts: before the City game and after. Turning point. A plucky loss that earns the players a warm round of applause from a sympathetic crowd come the final whistle, and a feeling of goodwill that will carry through to a win at Wimbledon on Saturday.

I think Whyte will put in a performance to make teams higher up the leagues sit up and take notice. The only player I can see causing them any problems.

I expect Foden to play and I’m looking forward to seeing him in action. Could be the #10 around which the England team is built for the next decade.
1-1 draw. Is it straight to penalty’s now without extra time?

Ah, special rules as it is our 125 year thingy.
1-1 after 90 minutes, then extra time. Still a draw, so replay at Maine Road.
Then 1-1 again after 90 minutes (with a Brock free kick). No more goals after extra time.
So we have a toss of coin to decide venue of next game … Roll out Ron Atkinson, (give him a chance to get it correct this time!)
We win toss so it is back to the Manor for a second reply, and a magnificent 2-1 win with a looping header.
Everton next round.
Obika to score, Robinson squares up with Guardiola and we give away a penalty.

Hard to decided which ones least likely to happen .

Same team as Saturday apart from Obika for Smith,it's all we got.

Let's hope for more anti Kassam chants,make our feelings known with national media there.
It's a one off cup game under lights in front of a sell out crowd....anything can happen...on paper we're in for a battering....just as well it's on grass (paid for twice by former chairmen, which should be deducted from any 'outstanding service charge' that the tax exiled slum landlord of the breeze block claims he's owed!), so we have a chance :cool::cool:..I can remember when OUFC as football aristocrats compared to the opponents we're embarrassed in cup games by Marlow and tonbridge angels !( Just praying it's not like cup game v Dorchester with the minnows, us tomorrow night, shipping 9o_O....cup matches can ignite a reversal of poor league form, which is much needed this season.... prediction? Hmmm, how about a three nil home win with beeks grabbing a hat trick? .... maybe thatd be in the realms of hopes, dreams n tombstones, there again ya never know:unsure:
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Tomorrow night, Man City are also playing in the Checkatrade trophy at Crewe Alexander.
Sorry but I had hope when we have played Premier opposition in the past few years. Not this time though
Anything less tha 4 will be a moral victory,it's just a case of how many they want to get.
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