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Ref Watch 25/09/2019 OUFC V WEST HAM UTD Robert Jones

How did todays referee fare

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6 Dec 2017
Decent ref in the main, notably missed the high kick late on, that apart fairly good IMO .....given him 8
Hardly noticed him which I suppose is a good sign. Easier game to ref than many I suspect.

It’s an 8 from me.
Actually think he’s the first ever ‘homer’ ref I can remember - our refs are always shite but Zabaleta got fouled and he gave us a corner & then he gave a foul for the exact same thing against Zabaleta - which of course I thoroughly enjoyed. 8/10 at least
Good Ref for me. Yes, he made mistakes but they were minor ones and Refs can make mistakes just like all the players did as well.
I think he was largely good, a little inconsistent for both sides but didn't seek to inject himself into the game or be the centre of attention.

And how wonderful was it to see a Referee keep up with play? The likes of Trevor Kettle should take note.
A vast improvement on some of the "idiots" that seem to be allocated to us. Kept things moving , not too pedantic. He can come back if he wants to .....
Interestingly enough I think he refs in the Championship almost exclusively (?), so obviously competent and perhaps not prone to either the ineptitude we see from L1 refs or the 'I am the most important man on the pitch' attitude we've seen in the past from Prem refs. As always there were a couple (for either side) that were a bit arguable, but over all pretty good. Certainly let the game flow when he could, which both teams wanted - I suspect Saturday might be a different matter in that way!
Relatively “clean” game to manage.
Thought he did well,
Would welcome him back, home or away.
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