Away game +++ 25/03/2018 PORTSMOUTH v OUFC +++


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Can see a draw to be honest. KR will push discipline throughout the side and tighten up our defence, but not sure we've got enough up front to get the goals we need to win. With other results today, a point will be decent enough.
After all the positiveness of the past week and with a new, well-spoken, enthusiastic manager at the helm, we should be going at this like a hungry dog. But if 30 years of watching OUFC has taught me one thing, there's nothing like an actual match (on TV) to crush all that pesky optimism.

Is KR going to eke out that extra 10% needed to turn matches in our favour? Let's hope so.

Odd goal either way, why not us? 1-0 with Kane the scorer.
I am sure I agree with "well spoken" old boy.
Feeling fairly confident about this. The midfield diamond was solid last week and with a little more support for the full backs from the outside centre midfielders this could work really well. Thomas said he was fit in portsmouth preview show and I assume Mehmeti is after the mid week game.

Line Up
Kane Dickie Mousinho ASB
Brannagan Ruffels
Thomas Mehmeti

Are recent sky games have been high scoring, unfortunately been on the wrong end of the result but i reckon that ends tomorrow.
3-2 Oxford
Henry x2 and Napa (winner)

Packed out away end, Pompey winless at home in 2018 can't let them get one now.
I would prefer to see Branangan in the base of the diamond. I feel he was solid last week protecting the back 4, though I have heard he is exceptional playing further forward.


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One thing looking at stats that worries me is Portsmouth have the most headed goals in the country. Going to be lots of crosses and a danger from set pieces.

It's simple though Pitman is their danger man stop him and we stop them. Stop him by making a midfielder follow and stick to him when they have the ball.


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3-0 Pompey.

It's what we do, ultimately we'll stay up so it's fine.

Mutiny on the keyboards as people realise new manager bounce isn't really a thing.


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Unfortunately can’t be at the match today but have to settle for TV.
We have a good record there recently and I expect this to continue today.
2-1 to United with Rob Dickie on the score sheet again although a draw would be a ok result as well.
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