Away game +++ 23/10/18 Charlton Athletic v OUFC +++


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Win tonight and we climb out the l1 trapdoor places.... tight game, 1-2 away win Mackie &Henry
I would be over the moon with a draw. The fact they have Lyle Taylor makes me think this wont happen unfortuantley. Hes always a thorn in our side, scored against us for AFC at least a couple of times if i remember and is an abosulte pain. Exactly the striker we could do with up front! But lets see! 1-1 Browne for us Taylor for them.


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Away draws are good, provided you win your home games. We need to start sneaking wins for a change. I don't think tonight will be that night, but as long as there is no regression from the last three games I'll be happy enough.

An optimistic 1-1.

Corporate Clive incoming: "away defeat"
We've been better recently, but i honestly dont think we have got two good halves in us, yet. All things considered: The opposition, our lack of goals, injuries and no impact off the bench, i cant see us getting anything from this game. Ill be up watching though and hope they make me eat my words. Predicting a 3-1 defeat.


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For me not expecting anything from tonight. I think its a game where the performance is more important than the result. Saying that id love it if we got something out of the game, what a bonus it would be to get a point or 3.

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