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+++ 23/07/19 PSF OUFC V Fulham +++

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Steve Gilbert

Says something when there hasn't been a thread starting for a match with less than 2 hours to KO!

I think the line up will be the strongest possible side and I'd also expect to see Mackie and Hall make an appearance since Fulham won't be a side who will kick lumps out of us.

I also think we might well see at least 1 new signing announced on the pitch before the game (maybe that's more hope than anything).
Team looks decent enough. Our midfield is stupidly strong, Brannagan as a 10 could be exciting.
Cadden given the number 2 shirt which I think shows he will be our starting RB this season.

You put Brannagan in place of Hanson, Whyte and Hall in behind Mackie and that is a very strong line up minus CB which I think will be sorted this week.
Browne is there because he is thinking of signing for Fulham, not us surely
Any news on Hall ? Bit odd he’s not even on bench, or are we resting him .....again
KR has said in his programme notes Whyte is rested due to his busy summer but should be involved on Saturday, as should Hall. No point risking players at this stage of pre season which it is just under 2 weeks until it all kicks off.
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