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7 Dec 2017
These MDTs seem to be starting late this year and I’m not sure I approve. I like having a good 24 hours build up.

I’m generally very optimistic but think we’ll lose this, 2-1. Our fresh injury crisis will presumably have knocked us off our stride a bit, and coupled with them doing pretty well this year and looking to bounce back after a bad loss last week, I think we’lol be overwhelmed. Smith to score late on.
You’re very positive. Smith scoring? I’m not sure he even knows where the net is.
Injury crisis apart, we should still be able to win this game. Often when teams are down to the bare bones they pull a rabbit out of the hat...we will win 2-0...I was right last week with 0-0
Hoping for an injury free relatively comfortable win with someone who is a striker scoring.
Scrappy win (1-0) for us, no one knows how, outrageously good game from Mitchell, our goal comes in the final fifteen minutes and is scored by a defender from a corner.

KR sent off
Norman Nelson Mous Garbutt
Hanson Ruffels
Whyte Henry Baptiste

1-0, Whyte. COYY
Think we'll lose again, we're a poor side this season unfortunately. Plus the players will distracted by the Man City game.

Going to be a long season I fear.
Would very much like to see Smith start tomorrow and to bang a brace too. Similar approach to Wycombe with added final product.
God knows, as I seemingly always say.
1-0 in whatever direction...
2-1 Oxford
Whyte Henry

Norman Nelson Mousinho Garbutt
Hanson Ruffels
Whyte Holmes Baptiste

Bench: Shearer Raglan Dickie Long Henry Obika Spasov

Main reason i would start Baptiste outwide and Henry on bench is because we need some fire power of the bench with all our injuries and Henry had a poor game by his standards last week. Henry seems to also always make an impact off the bench. I do think that we will have a good game Players are going to have to play for there place or risk being dropped they will all want to play on Tuesday. Mainly for competition to start LB[Garbutt v Ruffels] CB[Dickie v Nelson] CM[Hanson v Baptiste v Ruffels] ST[Obika V Smith]
Cannot see a win, but desperate for one. 0-2 to Walsall, and the evening we go bottom.
The apathy really can’t carry on. A win and possibly a corner turned, another home defeat, and surely Tiger must act.
Closer than it should be bad tempered , scrappy encounter. 2-1 home win with a late late winner
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