Away Match Day Thread +++ 22/01/2019 Bury v OUFC Checkatrade Trophy +++


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8 Dec 2017
It seems we need to progress in this to help with any unexpected bills. I just hope that Tigers block on Maynard in October does not come back to haunt us tomorrow night. Well need to be right on Saturdays form but 1-2 to OUFC for me
LRTC Coach leaves Grenoble Rd at 2:15.
Weather forecast up north not great.
Wish us well on the journey.
Here’s to a win .
Tricky fixture too. Bury up in second in League 2 although a few teams behind them have games in hand. Plenty of the bigger fish still in the pond in this competition too.

No issues with us having a run in this competition however should we draw Man City Under Whatevers in the final (based on the massive assumption we get there!), I certainly won’t go. Pompey or Sunderland however. Could be very fun!
Since Plymouth are at home to Walsall the same night it is possible that we will be back in the relegation zone whatever the result against Bury. Not a good thought.
A friend of mine said extensive snow already in Pennines and moving south, so you never know to be honest.
I’d expect an Oxford win after Saturday. Still haven’t won away in the league though
Working an hour or so away from Bury at the minute. Snow starting to come down now. Don’t think the game will be in doubt. Will be absolutely bloody freezing though.
So until you see who we play in a final, you don't decide whether you are going?

I'll make sure then I'll give a cheer for you tomorrow night then, before I drive the 247 miles home.

Well aren’t you the virtuous fan.

Yes, should we make the final, I’ll bear in mind who the opponent is before deciding to go.

I think, along with many, I’m consistent in disapproving of the Academy sides being in this competition. For a few crumbs from the overladen PL table, we have Academy sides in the domain of the third and fourth tier teams and a thin end of the wedge scenario emerging. Some prominent people in football have voiced their opinion that B-teams could enter the FL and I think this ‘experiment’ in the EFL Trophy is the start of that.

We’ve done this debate to death on here so I won’t go over all the old ground again but I just don’t want to see my team play an Academy side in a meaningful fixture. It’s not what I want to watch nor feel is good for football. My absence in the hypothetical final probably wouldn’t mean much in the general scheme of things, but it’s something my conscience would feel content with.
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I don’t agree with the Premier League B teams taking part, and won’t attend any matches involving those teams.

However I do want us to win any game in this competition as it is good to win, helps with confidence and decent prize money which is not to be snifffed at.

The lure of seeing your team at Wembley is strong and did attend both appearances & the Millwall home leg semi final. So I’m probably a hypocrite!

If we got to a final against one of the Premier League B teams I’d give it a miss.

I suspect a fair few fans would take a similar stance.
I'm maintaining my boycott of this competition so far this season ( made easier this time not being drawn to play scum) ....that said I hope we progress tonight. Fancy a 2-1 away win with Maynard for them and Sykes &Whyte for the u's. ...120 away supporters

Can't understand why KR is risking an injured easty when there's a number of keepers on our books.

If we were get to Wembley in this competition would I go ? Probably. ...if opposition in a Wembley final was against the currently left in contest, man city youth team i would really be put in the awkward position of wanting to see my team play at wembley (again) against a prem academy side, the inclusion of which i am opposed to. Tough call thatd be
It's easy for me. I don't want B Teams in English football so I haven't and wont attend the checkatrade whilst its in this format. (y)

Last EFL Trophy game for me was the Barnsley Wembley final. It doesn't bother me in the slightest if I miss Swindon away (in an obviously fixed draw) or if I missed a day out at Wembley for the Coventry final. For me, Wembley is only special because of why you're there. Being there for a final in a competition which is currently designed to kill your club, isn't special for me.

(Plus Wembley stadium and the atmosphere is actually quite s**t).
Snowing in Leicester......... chuffing big flakes..... be safe anyone travelling it`ll be bleak.
1-0 Maynard 60th minutes. Giant snowflakes postpone match after 80 minutes
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