2026 World Cup

Mexico hosted it twice before, and as recently as 1986. USA had it as recently as 1994. Shame some big footballing nations haven't hosted it in over 50 years...
Well yes exactly.
Ridiculous that England have not had WC for 52 years and yet Mexico and that bastion of soccer the US will have held it twice
I’m fairness to Mexico, they took it on in 1986 when Colombia, who should have been hosts, realised that they couldn’t stage it. They’re only covering a small selection of the 2026 World Cup.

Whilst probably the right choice, it’s a shame that Morocco were on the losing end again. Personally, I think the joint bid will become the norm for future World Cups. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a joint Portugal/Spain or Scandinavian bid in the future. A England/Scotland/Wales bid might attract more attention than just England too.

However, knowing FIFA they’d gift the next few World Cups to Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia ...
UEFA big wig said its Europe’s turn in 2030 and that if he has his way it will be one country put forward, strongly hinted at that being England, with I should imagine games held in sunny jockland and sheepistan, it’s definitely time for it to happen here and no country has a more deserving case, only four years to get the bribes together for FIFA though.
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