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2016, 2017, 2018 comparisons?

West Oxon U’s

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14 Dec 2017
Just looking at the U’s on the opening day of the season recently and where we can expect to be come Saturday at Oakwell:

06-08-2016 home to Chesterfield:

S Eastwood: S Long, C Nelson, C Dunkley, J Skarz; A MacDonald, J Lundstram, L Sercombe, C Maguire; R Taylor, W Thomas.
Subs: J Ruffels, T Roberts, K Hemmings

05-08-2017 away Oldham:

S Eastwood; C Ribeiro, C Nelson, M Williamson, M Johnson; J Ruffels, R Ledson; J Henry, J Payne, J Rothwell; W Thomas.
Subs: J Obika, C Carroll

04-08-2018 away Barnsley:


S Eastwood: T McMahon, C Nelson, R Dickie, L Garbutt; C Brannagan, J Ruffels; J Henry S Carruthers, R Hall; J Obika

Can’t see that J Mackie & G Whyte - who don’t appear fully match sharp yet- or that two or three new signings would come straight in
to the starting group. The 2018 team needs bolstering but not sure how it compares to the 2016 and 2017 teams.
All three teams have weaknesses particularly up front.It’s difficult to get good quality in the number nine role!
This is a really helpful post. On balance, the 2018 back four should be the strongest. The 2016 midfield was better than the 2017 version, I think, especially as Ledson and Rothwell were learning their trade. Iirc, the victory at Oldham owed a lot to a stunning début by Payne. In terms of how effective this particular 2018 selection would be, a lot would depend on how well the players play this system, ie 4-2-3-1. I'm a great believer in a club having a system (albeit with a Plan B), and ensuring the players know how to operate within it.
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