+++ 20/01/2018 OUFC v Bury match thread +++


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No sign of one yet so here goes

Bury, not a team to generate much excitement, a poor team, bottom of the league, sacked the manager, 3 ex Oxford players from last season...... all points to an away win on past history of these types of games.

But, we will win this one

looking forward to seeing what Buckley-Rickets and Brannagan can do if they play, and also Dickie

Come on you YELLOWS :)


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3-0 Oxford

Carroll Martin Mousinho Tiendalli
Henry Mowatt Ruffels Buckley-Ricketts
Obika Thomas
Bench: Shearer,Dickie,Ledson,GVK,Brannagan, Mehmeti,Williamson
7200 att.

Maguire to miss a penalty.

Martin to score from a Mowatt free kick, Buckley Ricketts to impress and Obika to carry on his good form.

Burys top scorer Beckford has 8 goals he's injured. There next top scorer is Maguire with 2 goals.
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I have long since given up trying to predict scores in the United games. They are so inconsistent as to make it impossible to do so.
.... but PLEASE can we start on the front foot, rather than limp apologetically into the match and concede after 15 minutes, thus giving Bury hope, confidence and energy and allowing them to time-waste and frustrate from the 40th minute onwards?


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Carroll Martin Dickie Tiendalli
Henry Brannagan Ledson Ricketts
Wes Obika

2-0, Martin and Henry. Please win. Please let Ledson and Eastwood play.

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Pep experiments with a Xmas Tree formation. No one knows what the hell they are supposed to be doing and Bury score after 23 minutes, inevitably Maguire the scorer. Pep reverts back to 4-4-2 after 30 mins and we go on to win 2-1. Thomas & Rickets on target.

Ledson continues to have a virus. Attendanc 6567.

Carroll Martin Mousinho Tiendalli
Henry Mowatt Ruffels
Ricketts Brannagan

Subs Shearer, Dickie, Williamson, Van Kessel, Mehmeti, Obika, Xemi.
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