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Championship £170m 90 min showdown


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6 Dec 2017
Villa go 1-0 up on the cusp of half time... El Ghazi low header

Apparently winning this play off final is worth £170m :oops:
2-0 Villa.

It has to be said Derby have not showed up, and for large parts have been very poor.
9 minute grandstand finish ? ...or maybe not?
Game over. Not a classic, but Villa were better, but the Derby Goalie was to blame for the 2nd Villa Goal.
Derby were pretty much Anonymous for the first 60 minutes. Maybe Villa took there foot off the gas, but Derby let themselves down. There end product, and decision making in the final third was appalling. They didn’t do enough when it really mattered.

Of all the playoff finals, I enjoyed the Newport v Tranmere game most of all.
Can't see Villa surviving next season, especially considering you could argue 3 of their best players are loanees. Good luck to them none the less
Can't see Villa surviving next season, especially considering you could argue 3 of their best players are loanees. Good luck to them none the less

You can buy some pretty good players for 170million. I can see all 3 teams that went up staying up. I think Brighton, Southampton and Bournemouth will go down.
Aston Villa are well supported with a good manager. I’d expect them to stay up.
I see the bookies have Sheffield United to go down.
First up - I'm biased, I grew up in Birmingham and Villa were my childhood club up until my early thirties, when I began to more appeciate the day to day travails of the club that was by then on my doorstep. So, I'm not a dual supporter as such, more one that has a club, but always has an affinity with another and looks out for and hopes the very best for them, much as one does for a childhood sweetheart.

Anyway, I think that the right team went up today, both in terms of how the game went, but also in terms of how things are likely to go next season. Villa needed to do it this time, especially after missing out last season in the playoffs, as their squad is still littered with former Premier players and/or those likely to make a big impact (GRealish, McGinn), so have a pretty solid basis on which to build for re-establishing themselves in the top flight from next season onwards. Had they not gone up, then one of both of the two I mention would probably move up to other clubs, while the question of being able to sustain as strong and as experienced a squad would come into play. They will of course, lose most or all of their loan players anyway, as they go back to their own clubs to challenge for first team places, but I think Villa will still retain a core of their own players on which to add in new signings (and perhaps more loanees) and keep clear of the drop.
Meanwhile, I think it will prove to be a good thing for Lampard to have another season in the Championship, perhaps facing different challenges to add to his experience gained this season, which will then form a more solid foundation on for the future. Derby have a number of exciting young players, who coupled with players that Lampard wil be able to bring in, are more than likely to be able to challenge at the top end of the table next season (in a way that I'm not totally convinced that Villa would have been able to ), so if he stays then it may well be a stronger Frank celebrating this time next year.
However, would this squad, plus who he could bring in, be strong enough to survive top flight football next season, with a rookie manager in only his second year in the job. It may well have proved a step too far/too soon for one or both, which would see them coming back down and perhaps a difficult decision made by the board.
Likewise, is Lampard seriously ready to take the job at Chelsea yet? He'd be given a honeymoon period perhaps, but more likely than not, it would be same too far/too soon scenario and the axe may fall on someone who may in time have proved to be worthy of the job.

So, Villa up and with the people there already, a shining light of a manager and owners who will be able to invest well, I would think they will be able to stay up next season. Sadly, I fear for the other two promoted clubs, as the Blades may not have the resources to compete (despite another manager who has earned his chance at that level) and Norwich appear to be too much of a one-season wonder to adapt to life in the top-flight, especially if one or two of their star men from this season (Pukki is it?) move on to bigger things....

That may all be remarkably insightful, it may all be horsecr#p, we shall only find out during the next twelve months, but for tonight, and since the Yellows moved away from the drop zone, I shall be celebrating the return of one of England's great clubs back into the top flight....
Dean Smith did a great job there. They've been the best team in the Championship the past three months.

Suspect - win their combo of some experienced Premier League hands and big support - that they'll have the best chance of the three promoted sides to stay up......
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