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Away Match Day Thread +++ 17/03/2019 Watford Ladies FC v OUWFC +++


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7 Dec 2017
Great 4-2 away win today, still unbeaten in the league since 2nd October and up to 4th place in the League Table (once site is updated).

Next game is Sunday 24th March at home to bottom club C & K Basildon Ladies, £1 for OUFC season ticket holders so no excuse to not go and have a look for yourselves.
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Very brief, crude summary.

We played very well, controlled the first half and limited them to one or two speculative efforts from distance, which the keeper just gathered without any problems.

Our first two goals came directly from corners. Ellie Noble is ridiculously good at in-swinging corners and usually puts them in dangerous areas for the players to attack. The first was a flick from Allen, the second was scored by Sims. Saw it was a dark haired player who headed it, people around me said it was Loz so didn't doubt them, but it was a Sims goal.

2-0 at half-time.

Watford pulled one back about 5 minutes into the second half. It was an effort from range that crept under Lucy Thomas. It looked like she tried to fall onto the ball and hold it in one motion, but it went under her at the near post.

Shortly after, Haynes struck from distance, beating the keeper from 25+ yards. Great goal.

Own goal made it 4-1. The defender seemed to anticipate Timms getting a touch and turned it into her own net. If she hadn't touched it Fyfe would've had a tap-in regardless.

Watford pulled one back from a free-kick. Everyone seemed to anticipate someone getting a touch, no one did and it went straight into the far side of the goal.

It was a really good performance in tough conditions. Rain, hail, bright sunshine and constant wind. We handled the conditions well and limited their chances; besides the goals, which were slightly fortunate, they didn't create much which says a lot because Watford have an experienced Welsh International up front. We moved it well, played some good football and managed the game when in front. We always looked comfortable and the better team.

I'm really looking forward to playing Coventry - I think we're a different animal to when we played them in October, so it'll be interesting to see how we get on. I think we’ll finish second this season, and if we retain as many players as possible, we have a genuine chance of promotion next season.

Thank goodness it was easier on the heart than yesterday. ?

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Nice report and good to hear your view seems to match the Watford twitter feed i was forced to follow in the absence of an Oxford one.

Coventry and Cardiff games will be a good watch and hopefully positive results too.
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Nice report and good to hear your view seems to match the Watford twitter feed i was forced to follow in the absence of an Oxford one.

Coventry and Cardiff games will be a good watch and hopefully positive results too.

We lined up as you might expect; the manager has identified a system he likes and one that has been working very well.

Cardiff have to play us on a Wednesday evening which I feel is a bit harsh on them, but I'll take any potential advantage we can get. They also have to play Coventry twice, so hopefully those games will give us an edge over them. That's my thinking anyway re: a second place finish. I just feel our slow start has given us too much to do to catch Coventry (barring a massive loss of form, which seems unlikely).
Whatever happens in the end it's been a really entertaining season and i'd guess more than most involved could have hoped for at the back end of last season.
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Yeah, I think that's fair. After the turmoil and disappointment at the tail end of last season - which was really difficult to take; still is - this season was largely about consolidation in a sense. I'm always looking forward and thinking positive, though.

But I agree, it has been a good, entertaining season. The girls are a pleasure to follow. My record this season is: attended 14, won 10, lost 4. Hopefully they will get to lift the County Cup next month, it would be a nice moment and one they deserve.

Timms was really unlucky - she used her strength to shield the ball, which saw her through one-on-one with the keeper, but the Watford defender went to the ground and was awarded a free-kick. Don't see what Georgia did wrong personally. Could have also had a penalty for a shove in the back.

I think the players also seemed to struggle with the kits a little, with a few misplaced passes early on. I know Watford were the home team, but they could have made things easier by wearing their green away shirt.
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