Ref Watch 13/08/2019 OUFC V Peterborough Utd: Ollie Yates

Ollie Yates performance was...

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6 Dec 2017
Hopefully one of YF mods will 'add' the score chart after tomorrows home game?

a quick look at his stats (while on a short break) reveals that he officiated last weeks L2 Match, which was a 0-0 draw between Bradford and Cambridge United

during which he issued 3 yellow cards and 1 red card

the red card , I understand, was a straight red (not for 2 yellows )
He was actually reffing the cup game today...
when the officials arrived on field in red shirts it was concerning!

once the game kicked off he, Yates, 'allowed' Fergerson's thugs to kick lumps
out of our players,.... no booking, no nothing for the tag team double 'tackle'
by the two boro players who literally took Napa out the game, that number two
looked as if he intended to cause as much damage to Napa as he could with his
dangerous lunge- which seemed to me, to continue after the whistle had gone!
absolutely disgraceful to not issue at least a yellow card for that

overall I thought Yates had a poor game, failing to take action after many incidents
especially in the first half

match stats show he booked 3 posh players? Kent, Toney Mason ( all in 2nd half?),
yet Sam Long was booked for a robust tackle, that was nowhere near as spicy as the challenges' boro players were dishing out in the first half ( including that incident on Napa) and
putting in at the time!

Our late winning goal doesnt gloss over another display of weak officiating IMO
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