Ref Watch +++ 13/07/20 L1 Play Off FINAL - OUFC v Wycombe+++


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12 Jun 2019
I'm delighted he will get a chance to play in the Championship, as will other old timers at the club including Blooms, Jacobsen and Charles.

He's scored 215 odd goals in Level 3 and 4 of the English League, I would say that is some achievement by anyones standards. I can't think of any other player who has achieved that?

The quality in league One next year is frightening, especially if Wigan and Sheffield Wednesday get docked points and are relegated. Best wishes for the season ahead.

Awful decision by Ainsworth and one of the clearest ‘heart ruling the head’ moments you will ever see in football. If Ainsworth was a serious manager no sentiment would have been shown and he’d have been released. It’ll be like a circus on tour with Akinfenwa as the main attraction sat on the bench beaming away and posing for selfies with the kids !

Carry On Wycombe ....


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14 Dec 2017
I think some people a getting a bit obsessed with Akinfenwa.
Personally I don’t know how he can play professional football being as big as he is, but he somehow gets away with it.

Blue Walter

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7 Jul 2020
Hi Chaps, I hope you don't mind me poking my Pompey supporters nose into your conversation. I am sure Oxford United supporters are disappointed not to going up tp the Championship, just as we are at Pompey. It might seem a little irksome that a little club like Wycombe has done what the so called bigger more fashionable clubs like Sunderland, Ipswich, Portsmouth and so on have been unable to do. The support the bigger clubs can call on must make clubs like Wycombe more than a tad envious. But reputations and past glories count for nothing really and it is little Wycombe that is now the superior club in terms of status at this very moment. I don't see anything but a struggle for them in the bigger boys league but the thing is they have got the chance to make it a success. I would much rather Pompey had gone up rather than Wycombe but that is the joy of football when every so often a little club gets the chance to step out of their natural habitat and I wish them well.

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