10k Race for Life - sponsorship call


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5 Dec 2017

I am running the Cancer Research UK Race For Life 10k on Sunday 14th July.

For the last few months I have been training towards the Oxford Half Marathon in Oct, so doing this as a great warm up race.

The furthest I have run is 8.5k(today). Hoping with support will smash the 10k.

Would love a donation, however big or small:

I shall be asking for the Oxford Half sponsorship, for a much more personal charity in the coming weeks.

Cheers guys
I would love to but as my wife is also running I have pledged to her. However you are doing a great thing old boy, big respect
Good luck with the run ESB. Just don't get swept along with the event for the first 2 miles and go off too quickly, take it slow, and finish strong.
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