Away game +++ 10/11/2018 Forest Green Rovers v OUFC FAC1 +++

Bit confused (it's my age) I thought Mackie was suspended but the OUFC website match preveiw has KR having to choose between him and Smith.anyone know Mackie situation.


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Rule change for this season, EFL discipline is only taken at EFL games, so Mackie can play Saturday but is suspended for Gillingham - just as Whyte goes off on International duty........
Yes and Radio Oxford have been on for a couple of weeks now that they expected him to go for one in order to miss the FA cup game, and would almost congratulating him on getting one just on the 90 mins. Wish that would stop playing with things. The there's the Hanson thing when he could not play in the Micky mouse so in effect had an extra match ban to his 3


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Crowd of around 7000 with a sizable amount of visiting (vegan) carrot crunchers 'up for the cup'

Danger here is to take the L2 outfit too lightly, especially as its a 'nothing to lose' cup encounter

Ive a feeling this will be a closer than comfortable match, typical old fashioned end to end fa cup
game. With one goal, late on, settling it, 3-2 home win , Smith (2) and Ruffles sharing the goals

There again, if it pans out as honours even at the final whistle, a midweek away replay, & reacquaintance
with FGR's humorless yokel announcer should be a bonus in entertainment stakes :sneaky:


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I think we’ll go a goal down because we’ve taken them too lightly then get a nervy 2-1 win. Is Holmes allowed to play?
I think Mackie being injured has helped KR in a way. He had a choice to make between Mackie who misses Gillingham, so needs to keep fresh (a goal wouldn’t go a miss also), and Smith who needs a run in the team. With Mackie out for the next two games, Smith has a chance for a decent run in the side. Started well on Tuesday. It’s no or never for him I think.

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According to the website the OX3 and OX7 busses are running due to "interest". So might be a few more than we think?
Less away fans, plus when I looked for extra tickets, a load of ST holders near me hadn't got their ticket. I don't blame people, but don't expect a 7000 crowd - unless someone wants to count dots for me!
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