+++ 04/09/2018 OUFC v Fulham U21 Match Day Thread +++


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My first match day thread so lets hope it brings a good performance. So we will doubtless make changes in this and bring in players like Garbutt and some others to get game time, and there are pro's and cons to winning or losing. So who are Fulham U21 and are they any good? Hard to gage how good they are other than to have drawn 2-2 v Mau Utd, Lost 4-3 at Boro and most recently lost 2-1 at Villa. Clearly a talented bunch and a good opportunity to see where we are against the top development sides. ( :-( ) It will be really interesting to see how we deal with sheer pace but I think we will have a bit too much. 4-2 COYY


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Be a good chance to see some of our lesser-played talent (keen to see tsun dai in particular). I predict a quite ordinary game pricked with a couple of moments of brilliance and us winning 2-0


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With Long and Raglan not going out on loan, I would like to see one or both given an opportunity to play (ideally Stevens in goal too, but I'm convinced he is never going to be given an actual game in an Oxford senior shirt)...


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Here are the actual player rules:


7.3 Each EFL Club shall play its Full Available Strength in and during all Matches. Full Available Strength means the EFL Club must include at least four Qualifying Players in the ten outfield Players named in the starting eleven on the Team Sheet.

7.4 Qualifying Player means any Player who:

7.4.1 had started the immediately preceding First Team Fixture (as defined below);

7.4.2 subsequently starts the immediately following First Team Fixture;

7.4.3 is in the list of ten Players at the Club with the highest number of starting appearances in First Team Fixtures in the same Season;

7.4.4 has made forty or more starting appearances in First Team Fixtures or international equivalents (and not limited to the same Club or Season); or

7.4.5 is on standard loan from a Premier League Club or any EFL Club operating a Category One Academy.

7.5 First Team Fixture means the League Competition, Premier League, EFL Cup or FA Challenge Cup (but shall, in the context of Rules 7.4.3 and 7.4.4 only, also include this Competition).


So basically four first team players among the 10 outfield players who start. Presumably you could sub three of them off after five minutes though!
McMahon Dickie Raglan Garbutt
Baptiste Ruffels
Whyte Dai Smith

Bench: Shearer, Lopes, Mousinho, Long, James, Henry, Hopkins


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That video is six minutes of Shaun Harvey patting himself on the back. Revolting.

It'll be interesting to see what the attendances are like for this 'revitalised' competition tonight! I have my suspicions about the fevered level of interest it is attracting...
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