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Ref Watch 04/05/2024: L1 Play-Off SF 1st Leg - OUFC vs Peterborough - Lewis Smith


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Far too lenient with posh players kicking lumps out of Murphy & RR early - allowed them to get away with niggley fouls constantly later in the game..is he PL referee? I thought he was weak/ mates with fergerson? A below average 4 from me ( when the poll goes up @Northstandboy )
I thought he was OK. The Peterborough forum said he was a homer and cost them a draw. Can't see how they could think that
I noticed him A LOT. That can't be good. 4
I thought that he was very good.
Played the advantage really well. Bennetts challenge on Sky looked as if it could have been red, but yellow was probably right.
The linesman on the South Stand however was very poor
Referee had an excellent game, one of the best I’ve seen at this level. I actually think, on the whole, we’ve had some really good refs in the last few months - the standard has improved massively.
Thought the ref did ok, not the most difficult game to ref.

Oxford and Peterborough are not dissimilar, in that they’re not overly physical and manipulative of the rules as in the Lincoln way.

Pretty good. Should have booked a Posh player for the constant cynical challenges on Murphy in the 1st half though. But if that is only main complaint then a Ref has had a decent game.

Laughable if the Peterborough fans thought he was a homer, if he was he'd have booked their player for the blatant dive in the 2nd half.
I thought he was as good as we could expect. Excellent judgement and nothing where you felt his decisions turned the game.
I think the niggling tackles on JM were fairly dealt with even though I would have preferred to see posh get some cards. It’s not like other refs where you see them losing control and storing up major trouble for themselves.
I think the ref did a good job last night. Got all the key decisions right including booking Reuben and Bennett and the game flowed pretty well. Only 3 mins added on too which was a reflection of how both teams and the ref allowed the match to run without any BS.
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