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Current Player #0 Idris El-Mizouni

IEM was born in Paris so I assume he is a French citizen as well. I'd also assume he triggered his right to remain in the UK as part of the post Brexit arrangements as he will have been here before we left the EU.
The rules changes last summer, so Championship clubs can bring in up to four overseas players who wouldn't typically hit the points requirements of the international visa system.

So even if Idris didn't get settled status (which he would have been entitled to, as a French citizen living here before Brexit).....it's still not a problem, and we can still bring in three more random foreign signings!

(his international status is a bit of a red herring, though, as he only played in one friendly in 2019. And even that was only 9 minutes as a sub!)
Looks like Boyd Munce is who Leyton Orient are looking to replace him with.
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