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    EFL Prediction League - Week 3

    Blackpool - Sunderland Bolton - Peterborough Bristol Rovers- Ipswich Burton - Wycombe Coventry - Shrewsbury Doncaster - Wimbledon Oxford - Mk Dons Gillingham - Fleetwood Pompey - Accrington Rotherham - Southend
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    General Prediction League - Week 2

    Up for grabs is the glory for the week and to build towards overall glory at the end of the season. Don't be put off if you missed out on week 1 you won't be two far behind, aint that right @andystroud and @Notaswindonfan ! A reminder that anyone on equal points will be ranked according to...
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    General Prediction League - Week 1

    3 points for correct score. 1 point for correct result. 1 bonus point for picking the first goalscorer only (If you post more I will pick the first player you post) You have until 1400hrs to post your predictions with goalscorer and 1500hrs for predictions. This includes editing posts. In the...
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    General Prediction League - Pre Season

    So lets settle it. Who is most in the know? I propose a Prediction League. Tonight's games will be just for fun and so that everyone gets a chance to understand the rules. I will create a table but then the game will start on Saturday with everyone having the best part of the week to predict...
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