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  1. MustardYellow

    Matches Last 10 Games

    Over the last 5 seasons (not including Covid season), you've needed an average of 75/76 points to make the play-offs. Based on PPG so far this season, you'll need around 78/79 points for a play-off spot. If we use the 5 season average, we need 6 wins from our last 10. If we base it on the PPG...
  2. MustardYellow

    Fan's View Promotion Chances?

    I'd be genuinely interested to know what people think our promotion chances are? Personally, I think we only get promoted if we make automatics (which I think is unlikely) - I can't see us going up through the play-offs. I don't fancy our chances in a two legged tie versus any of the teams...
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