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league one

  1. MustardYellow

    General Club/Player Mentality

    I've felt for a while that our squads always seem considerably weaker than other teams. Other teams have bite and aggression, they manipulate rules to their benefit and take advantage of poor refereeing (time wasting, feigning injuries etc). They surround referees, shout for every decision etc -...
  2. MustardYellow

    General Modern Football: Is It Just Boring?

    I've been thinking this for a while, but last night has just confirmed it for me - football is the most boring it's been in my lifetime. Granted, my 'memory pool' isn't huge - I was still in secondary school 10 years ago. But even casting my mind back to those days, football just felt more...
  3. MustardYellow

    Fan's View Promotion Chances?

    I'd be genuinely interested to know what people think our promotion chances are? Personally, I think we only get promoted if we make automatics (which I think is unlikely) - I can't see us going up through the play-offs. I don't fancy our chances in a two legged tie versus any of the teams...
  4. MustardYellow

    Ref Watch Modern Referees... I've Had It!!

    I'm fully aware this may be controversial and many may disagree, but I've officially had it with referees (and officials as a whole). Not just in league one, but across the English leagues we're seeing games being highly influenced, and too often ultimately decided, by questionable (and...
  5. Wandering Yellow

    League One Confirmed League 1 distances 23/24 season

    Confirmed for next season: S - short distance from OUFC M - Medium distance from OUFC L - Long distance from OUFC 23/24 (L) Barnsley - driving 142 miles - will be strong you would imagine, after missing out harshly in the PO final (L) Blackpool - Driving 203 miles -They had our pants down a...
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