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  1. MustardYellow

    Matches Last 10 Games

    Over the last 5 seasons (not including Covid season), you've needed an average of 75/76 points to make the play-offs. Based on PPG so far this season, you'll need around 78/79 points for a play-off spot. If we use the 5 season average, we need 6 wins from our last 10. If we base it on the PPG...
  2. MustardYellow

    General Players Since 2015/16

    Bored at work, so thought I'd put together a few questions about players that have been at the club from our promotion season (2015/16 season) to now. From the 2015/16 season onwards, who has been... 1) The best signing 2) The worst signing 3) A loan player who you had high hopes for but...
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